An engineer is a person who supports the production process in terms of the preparation and development of technical documentation. He is responsible for preparing it in accordance with applicable standards and production norms as well as specific customer requirements.

Engineer is a person with versatile skills that allow him to even conduct training in the field of process and quality requirements techniques and working methods. On a daily basis, he supports production in terms of production quality, safety and cost reduction, precision of deliveries as well as the productivity of individual workstations and the entire plant.

Design of steel structures

Design of small and medium welded
assemblies and steel structures

We have extensive experience in the metal designs of small and medium-sized structures and the modernization of machine parts.

We are able to design or support the process of designing and manufacturing machine parts and steel structures. The physical connection of the design office with the production hall gives us the ability to quickly respond to customer needs and check the proposed technical solutions.

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Professional machinery and construction design

We design small and medium metal structures.

Professional help in process optimisation and production support

Many years of experience and well-trained staff.

Production optimization

Technological assistance in optimization of production processes

Many years of experience and well-trained staff allow us to provide technical assistance to our customers.

We are able to adjust the production optimization technology to the current technical capabilities of producers from a given geographical area – in terms of maximizing the shortening of production time, changing and optimizing the supply chain, economy of the entire production support process and meeting all environmental requirements.

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Design of steel structures

Designing small and medium welded assemblies and steel structures

Since 2006, steel structures have been the main area in which we help our clients. We are not only manufacturing steel elements to order – very often we help and support our customers in ensuring that metal structural elements meet all strength and utility requirements, but on the other hand, they are maximally economical.

In principle, as steel structure fabricators, we are able to produce any steel structures to order – of course, we are also subject to certain technological limitations, but they are fortunately small enough that they are not the main obstacle where welding of steel structures occurs.

Machinery design of welded assemblies - why Marxam Project

Because we love what we do. Machinery parts design, metal designs and design of steel structures are our passion – we create our own designs and produce our own details, however, custom-made steel elements are always an interesting challenge for us, which we will gladly take up and learn about new, previously unknown areas of metal processing.

Welded assemblies are not only huge steel constructions, they are very often small, small, several-element and several-kilogram assemblies, in which correctly made construction design and its subsequent execution are equally important.

Structural steel contractors very often focus on large projects – this is a very good thing from the economic point of view of the company and its operation, but we enjoy the production of steel structures so much that we are happy to talk about each job and project.

Production optimization

Technological assistance in optimization of production processes

Having a very broad knowledge of production support and manufacturing optimization, we can support our clients wherever it is needed to optimize production process or detailed product optimization. Anything related to production – optimising business processes, design to production process, production planning process and many more – we are available at your disposal with a team of professionals with decades of experience.

Process optimization in manufacturing - what is it?

Production processes and techniques quite often do not keep up with the development of production technology and the improvement of machines, but the most common reason for this is the cost of such changes. Thanks to our experience, process optimisation and production optimization concentrate and generate costs only where it is actually needed or has a chance to bring measurable benefits as soon as possible.

The optimization process we undertake covers not only the process itself but also delves into the production support services, thanks to which planning production is even more effective.