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Machine Park

Below we show only the main types of machines on which we operate. If there is something that requires specialized equipment, we will definitely make up for it or show it on our website in the future.

Professional laser cutting services

Laser cutting


A type of machine for heat treatment of a wide range of metals, which is constantly gaining in popularity.

Intuitive software, ergonomic sheet metal exchange systems, and when cutting thick steel, perfectly warm the production hall on cold winter mornings.

Laser cutting in metal


Very good machines for cutting relatively simple elements. They work great even with thicker sheets, which means that on cold winter mornings, operators love to cut thick sheets on them even more than on a laser.

Once treated as worse cousins of laser cutters, however, the technological progress has meant that today they are basically an equal partner in the processing of flat materials, just like their more technologically advanced cousins.

Profesjonalne usługi cięcia strumieniem wody

Water jet cutting


The slowest but the strongest machines for cutting materials of all kinds and thicknesses. They can cut thicknesses that lasers or plasma stand no chance against. It will not help in winter, but on hot summer days it will nicely cool the plant, introducing a comfortable breeze at the operator’s station, reminiscent of the most beautiful Polish lakes.

Plastic processing


Plastic processing on a good press brake is a pure pleasure. Due to the increasing fantasy of designers and engineers, inventing more and more complex bending shapes, you need to be prepared to buy a decent amount of dies and punches. But once you master it, the work itself becomes a piece of cake.

Professional bending of sheet metal services
Profesjonalne usługi gięcia blach

Plastic processing


Quite simple in construction and operation of the machine. The most complicated element, requiring experience and familiarity with the subject of plasticity of metals, is a die for shaping or punching sheet metal. Making of the tool itself is quite time-consuming, however, with larger production series, the effort will pay off many times over.


Manual lathes and milling machines

Increasingly fading into the shadows of the history of metal cutting machines – they are going away but they will never disappear.

Everyone wants CNC, everyone loves CNC, everyone knows CNC – but being a lathe or conventional mill operator is like driving a vintage car. You can hardly feel the wind in your hair, you can’t overtake a racer at the traffic lights – but to see the respect for knowledge and experience in the eyes of CNC operators – priceless.

Profesjonalna obróbka skrawaniem
Profesjonalne usługi frezowania i toczenia na maszynach CNC

Turning and milling

CNC lathes and milling machines

I am speed, I am speed…

Once you’ve mastered the laws of machining, it is pure pleasure to watch the machine in action. These catlike movements of cutters and dies, these shavings twisting so beautifully in the eternal struggle between tools and material.

It was in watching these murderous struggles, that the greatest and most epic scenarios of knightly duels between good and evil in Hollywood itself were created.


EDM machines

Where a milling machine and a lathe cannot, an EDM machine will be sent.

These are machines created for hard, tedious, thankless, but so much needed work. The phenomenon of erosion is harnessed in the just cause of metalworking, allowing you to perform work that is often unattainable for standard machining.

Profesjonalne usługi obróbki metodą elektroerozji