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A turner, as well as a miller or a grinder, is a person who deals with metalworking by machining. The main tasks of a turner are to make threads, cut elements, ream holes, boring, reaming and drilling. On his machines, he mainly performs turning of cylindrical, conical, face and shaped surfaces.

As in any profession related to machining, patience, precision and good eyesight are also required for a turner.

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Plastic working

curving sheet metal

Sheet metal bending

CNC bending of sheet metal technology is the most popular method of plastic processing, allowing to obtain details of both simple and complex shapes.

The use of modern press brakes allows for the maximum possible repeatability in cnc bending of the produced elements for any number of items. The modern CNC tube bending services and the automatic compensation of the deflection arrow give maximum accuracy and repeatability in 7 axes and allow you to maintain the required angles along the entire length of the bending line.

An extensive tool park allows us to adapt to any customer’s technological requirements. We offer sheet metal bending services, such as tube bending, metal curving, metal sheet folding, bending aluminum sheet, bending steel and many more.

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Professional bending of sheet metal services

Maximum accuracy

Professional metal and aluminum bending services

High precision

rolling metal

Sheet and profile

The use of appropriate technology and high-precision machines allows us to ensure that plate rolling operations are carried out according to each customer’s request. The machines we use for rolling metal, have a very wide range of metal sheet rolling, which are intended for serial production (industrial sheet rolling), as well as for individual, single projects.

The use of modern machines for bending sections allows us to provide service also during aluminum bending or sheet rolling operations of closed profiles and pipes.

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Metal Sheet stamping is one of the basic plastic forming processes. In our company, we perform cold variance of stamping sheet metal using hydraulic presses.

Experience in the selection of material, as well as the design and manufacture of the working tool allows us to carry out the metal stamping process while maintaining the appropriate technological parameters.

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Professional metal stamping services

Adjustment of parameters for the project.

curving sheet metal

Sheet metal bending

Various technologies are used in the process of forming various types of flat sheets. Currently, one of the most popular and, at the same time, the most efficient methods of forming flat sheets is CNC bending, which results from, among others, the possibility of its use in projects of any complex shape.

Marxam Project encourages you to use the sheet metal bending and plastic processing services using the CNC technology, which is carried out with the help of advanced facilities in an extensive tool park.

CNC bending of sheet metal - what is this technology all about?

Bending of sheet metal is a process that requires precision and knowledge in the field of matching dies and punches. A properly set sheet metal bending radius determines the safety of using elements in the entire structure. Tube bending (prism bending) or steel bending is a technological process where a prism and a matrix are the basic equipment of every bending machine – their appropriate quantity and quality will ensure comprehensive and correct execution of elements. Only in this way is the modeling and processing of the material used safe and guarantees the correctness of the work done. Otherwise, roll bending sheet metal will lead to design failure, resulting in wasted material and financial losses.

CNC bending sheet metal is a technology that uses modern and fully computerized press brakes. These devices, after selecting the appropriate tools, allow for metal sheet folding with a high level of precision, maximum safety and flawless repeatability. An unquestionable advantage of CNC tube bending services is the fact that this type of machines works equally well in projects with simple and complex shapes, where we are dealing with unit and serial production.

The press brakes in the Marxam Project’s tool park, used for metal bending services, are characterized by modern control, and thanks to the automatic compensation of the deflection arrow, we are sure that the bending process will achieve maximum accuracy and repeatability in 7 axes! In addition, when processing sheet metal and metals, it is possible to maintain the required angles along the entire length of the bending line.

CNC sheet bending – advantages

  • Minimizing the risk of error.
  • High machining precision regardless of sheet thickness.
  • Repeatability of work – the possibility of carrying out serial orders.
  • Universal use – curving sheet metal allows for simple and multi-shape designs for various industries, including, but not limited to bending steel, aluminium sheet, roll cage tube bending and many more.
  • Automation of the process means that sheet metal folding has limited errors and material waste.

Where can sheet metal bending services be used? Application

Marxam Project offers sheet metal bending services through the use of modern equipment for processing various materials. Innovative and effective press brakes allow for modeling simple and complex shapes, which makes metal bending applicable in various industries.

Marxam Project’s clients are manufacturing companies, entities responsible for constructing machines, representatives of the steel and construction, automotive, railway, aviation, and even robotics and industrial automation industries. Precise metal curving  is used in a wide range of services. High repeatability and high precision of the press brakes make metal sheet bending performed by Marxam Project, a service at the highest level, both for individual and serial orders. Thanks to this, our customers can be sure that even large orders for bending of metal will be completed on time and without unnecessary losses of valuable material.

Marxam Project guarantees high quality of services in the field of CNC pipe  bending and other works related to broadly understood metal processing. On the other hand, the extensive tool park means that the responsibility for the implementation of the entire project lies solely in our hands. If you are interested in business cooperation, please contact us. We will be happy to get acquainted with the details of the order and propose the best possible solutions.

rolling metal

Sheet and profile rolling

Sheet metal rolling and profile shaping are one of the main plastic forming services in our company. We have modern equipment that guarantees high quality of projects – both for serial production and individual orders. At the moment, we are able to offer sheet metal rolling and sheet metal cones rolling.

What is metal sheet rolling?

The metal sheet rolling service is nothing more than a mechanical method of deforming the metal material under the pressure of the rollers. Sheet rolling can be carried out under the influence of heat or cold, which additionally affects the accuracy of the shaping process.

  • Steel hot rolling is carried out at a high temperature (above recrystallization) which reduces the risk of metal hardening. This method is suitable for the production of sheet metal or simple sections.
  • Cold rolling of steel , on the other hand, is a method that uses a temperature lower than that needed to recrystallise the material. This method of modeling sheet metal and shaping profiles is characterized by the fact that it does not lead to a decrease in the degree of thickness of the workpiece. It is mainly used for elements where the speed of forming, lack of damage to the metal coating and high production efficiency are required.

Curved aluminium profile bending - what is it?

Bending of curved aluminium profiles is a process during which the curvature of the material is permanently changed. In the element that we process, some of the fibers are compressed, while those on the other side of the neutral line of the material are stretched. However, correctly selected parameters mean that bending the profiles does not cause any changes in strength, technical properties or appearance.

As of today, we use cold steel plate rolling – hot plate rolling will be the next stage of our development of the technology park.

Stainless steel rolling and roll profile bending – advantages of automation

Stainless steel rolling as a whole or roll profile bending, subjected to the automation process bring many additional advantages to the production process. Repeatability in the execution of the planned project is extremely important in the case of large-scale serial production. Thanks to this, the production company reduces not only the costs needed to produce the order, but also saves valuable time related to the analysis of each manufactured element. This, in turn, allows us to guarantee a much faster service (e.g. delivery of steel profiles), which means customer satisfaction. That is why many companies decide to use Marxam Project services – we are bending specialists and our work is focused not only on the entrusted task, but also on the satisfaction of our clients. We know how important a professional approach to the client is in business, which is why we take care of it with every project!

Industrial sheet rolling and profile shaping – application

The processing of metal materials by transverse rolling, longitudinal rolling or skew industrial sheet rolling or bending aluminum profiles is used in the implementation of various projects in various industries. Therefore, the services of professional sheet rolling and shaping of profiles can be used in the following industries:

  • automotive, e.g. car body sheet,
  • machine, e.g. profiles used in the serial production of metal structures,
  • stage, e.g. stage scaffolding elements,
  • hydraulic, e.g. pipes for sanitary installations,
  • aviation, e.g. rolling metal sheets for aircraft fuselages,
  • furniture, e.g. steel furniture with an industrial character.

Marxam Project has experience working with a number of other industries. If you are interested in getting to know the exact offer in the field of profile rolling and sheet metal rolling, please contact us.

Plastic working


The metal sheet stamping process is one of the main methods of shaping the material that can be used to implement various projects. The effects of stamping sheet metal on presses are strongly dependent on the type of material, the temperature used during its shaping, as well as the purpose of the modeled sheet.

The stamping process is one of the main methods of shaping the material that can be used to implement various projects. Sheet metal pressing offered by Marxam Project can also be easily used in industrial metal stamping. Our services extend to both individual customers, as well as larger orders for industrial use.

Marxam Project performs metal stampings of various types using innovative eccentric presses, which is a guarantee that metal stamping will be performed with attention to all important details.

Experience in the selection of material as well as the design and manufacture of the working tool allows us to carry out the process of stamping while maintaining the appropriate technological parameters.

What are eccentric presses?

Nowadays, sheet metal forming is carried out by modern eccentric presses. The pressing force obtained in this machine can reach nearly 400 tons, which ensures the possibility of modeling even extremely thick material. Metal stamping is not the only process for which press stamps are responsible. Cold forming of metal on such devices may include many other activities, e.g. punching, forming or riveting. It is worth noting that current eccentric presses are characterized by maximum automation and high repeatability. This is an extremely great facilitation where stamped metal is used in large quantities for deep drawing of sheets on presses for companies dealing with services such as sheet metal binding, steel forming, cold sheet metal stamping. This means that the stainless steel stamping process on presses has a minimized risk of errors, which may result in, for example, the loss of valuable material or the extension of the service delivery time.

What is cold stamping of sheet metal?

Plastic processing can take place under the influence of high or low temperature. For Marxam Project, eccentric steel stamping is a cold process. Why? This option is much safer when working with material for the operator. In some cases, the temperature at the interface between the press and the processed material may increase to a greater or lesser extent. The effect of this may be irreversible changes in the structure of the shaped metal and deterioration of its quality. Therefore, cold stamping of sheet metal is a process with a much lower risk than stamping with the use of heat.

Sheet metal stamping on presses – advantages

The aforementioned automation and repeatability of the sheet metal stamping process on presses are the greatest advantages of shaping a metal material (e.g. aluminum or carbon steel).

Metal pressing companies that need a large amount of sheet metal of the right shape can use the stamping service using eccentric presses – these devices can be successfully used in serial production. Nevertheless, there is nothing to prevent this type of equipment from being used for smaller-scale sheet metal stamping or even a one-off project. Marxam Project services will prove themselves in any cooperation model.

In addition, pressing metal on eccentric presses using low temperature guarantees fast processing of the metal material and high precision of shaping.

Eccentric presses and sheet metal stamping service – application

Sheet metal pressing on eccentric presses is used in various industries and the broadly understood industry. The sheet metal stamping services can be used, for example, in the production of household appliances, automotive vehicles, various production machines or in the construction industry. Marxam Project encourages you to contact us and provide details of the project, which will allow you to estimate the cost and time of the service. We offer custom metal stamping services, in addition to the guarantee of high quality, we care about the satisfaction of our clients – we invite you to cooperate!