About us - Marxam Project

Founded out of an unwavering passion for metalworking, Marxam Project has become a leading manufacturer in the metal industry.

Our story began with one welder who was fascinated by the transformative power of heat and steel. By combining our two passions – metal processing and brewing and winemaking, we started to create products that we ourselves needed. With a focus on craftsmanship and innovation, Marxam Project has earned a reputation for producing high-quality metal products that combine traditional techniques with modern technology.

Each element created in our workshop reflects a commitment to precision and durability, inspiring the trust of customers from all industries. The company’s commitment to sustainable development and ethical sourcing of materials ensures that metalworking not only delivers the highest quality products, but also positively contributes to protecting the environment and society. Over the years, Marxam Project has become a symbol of creativity, where metalworking is more than a profession – it is a way of life.

The company's history

Over the years, Marxam Project has continued to grow. What started with a few simple products quickly turned into a wide range of various tools and devices. We invite you to learn how our company has changed over the years.

2002 - The year our passion began

In 2002, driven by an ardent desire to develop in the field of metal processing, we set off on a journey to the land of precision, using the latest laser cutting technology and refined sheet metal forming craftsmanship.

This key moment marked the beginning not only of our professional efforts, but also the genesis of a breakthrough chapter in the history of our company.

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Logo of metal processing company Marxam Project

2006 - Official launch of Marxam Project

The year 2006 was a significant milestone for our company, associated with the establishment of the Marxam Project and the creation of detailed technical requirements (DTR) documentation, which laid the foundations for our future activities. This year we also made comprehensive efforts to reconfigure our production processes, adapting them to the latest technological developments and economic constraints.

This strategic move not only optimized our production, but also facilitated our focus on the design and construction of small steel structures, as well as the development of custom production lines.

This key moment marked the beginning not only of our professional efforts, but also the genesis of a breakthrough chapter in the history of our company.

2009 - We launch the production department

In 2009, with the launch of a dedicated production department, a new era of in-house production began in our company. This strategic expansion has enabled us to create purpose-built structures and machines for our customers, all in our own state-of-the-art facility.

By taking production into our own hands, we gained greater control over quality, deadlines and innovation. With this change, we have expanded our service offering to include advanced techniques such as laser cutting, CNC bending, welding and meticulous assembly.

This comprehensive approach has enabled us to meet a variety of customer requirements with greater efficiency and adaptability, strengthening our reputation as a reliable and versatile partner in the metalworking industry.

Racks for two stainless steel barrels
Professional cnc turning and cnc milling of metal, aluminum and more

2014 - We develop the design and technology department

In 2014, we began an ambitious expansion of our Design and Technology Department, significantly increasing our capabilities of providing comprehensive design assistance to our clients.

This strategic development has not only increased our ability to work with clients on complex projects, but also allowed us to offer a broader range of design solutions tailored to their unique needs. At the same time, we entered a new field by starting the design and production of specialized measuring tools for the automotive and railway industries.

This expansion into precision engineering has signaled our commitment to innovation and opened up exciting opportunities to serve these key sectors with high-quality, purpose-built products.

The combination of advanced design support and cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities has strengthened our position as a versatile and forward-thinking partner in the engineering and manufacturing industry.

2016 - We begin our adventure with machining

In 2016, our company took a significant step forward by launching a dedicated Machining Department, which is a key step in the development of our production capabilities. This new department became a center for precision engineering, which allowed us to offer our clients a comprehensive range of machining services.

With the introduction of conventional turning and milling, electrical discharge machining (EDM) and grinding, we could now complete a wider range of complex projects with extraordinary accuracy and efficiency. This expansion has not only increased our versatility in producing precision-made components, but also increased our ability to meet the stringent requirements of a variety of industries.

By integrating these advanced machining processes into our operations, we have demonstrated a commitment to technological innovation and a focus on delivering the highest quality results to our customers.

Professional turning and cnc milling of metal, aluminum and more
Professional assembling company with speciality in machine assembly

2018 - Adventure on numerical machines

In 2018, we significantly modernized our machining capabilities by incorporating CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology into our operations. This significant development has enabled us to work with a diverse range of CNC machines, including three, four and five-axis models.

Thanks to these advanced machines, we have gained the ability to perform complex machining tasks with unprecedented precision and efficiency, offering our customers a wider range of production possibilities.

The introduction of CNC technology has not only increased the versatility of our manufacturing processes, but also allowed us to tackle complex designs and sophisticated geometries that were previously difficult or impossible to achieve.

2019 - We launch the assembly department

In 2019, we established the Precision Assembly Department to ensure a smooth, end-to-end production process that ensures the highest quality and consistency at all stages of production.

This strategic addition allowed us to manage every aspect of the production cycle – from the production of individual elements from steel and aluminum to their complex machining, welding and application of protective coatings – ending with the meticulous process of final assembly and packaging ready for sale.

The creation of this division not only improved our ability to provide complete, high-quality products to our customers, but also allowed us to streamline our operations, reducing the need for outsourcing and increasing overall efficiency.

By centralizing these critical steps in our facility, we were able to maintain rigorous quality control while providing customers with comprehensive, ready-to-use products tailored to their specifications.

Professional bending of sheet metal services
Professional spot welding services

2020 - We open the precision welding department

In 2020, we took a significant step forward by launching the Precision Welding Department, a strategic move that significantly increased our ability to meet the specialized requirements of the rail, automotive and aerospace industries.

This new division has become the centerpiece of our advanced manufacturing capabilities, enabling us to perform a variety of high-precision welding techniques with unparalleled accuracy. The expansion has enabled us to complete complex welding projects and produce the robust, long-lasting components required in high-stress environments.

With the addition of this dedicated division, we have expanded our expertise, positioning ourselves as a reliable partner to industry leaders in transportation and aviation.

Ultimately, the Precision Welding Division has been a key component of our ongoing journey towards innovation, quality and industry leadership.

2022 - Production of elements for the brewing and wine industry

In 2022, we made significant investments in plastic injection machinery, marking a significant expansion of our production capabilities and a new chapter in our commitment to sustainability.

This strategic purchase has enabled us to produce a wide range of components designed specifically for the brewing and wine industry, with a particular emphasis on the use of completely recycled and secondary materials.

This move not only allowed us to meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions in the beverage industry, but also enabled us to create high-quality, durable components from recycled plastics.

With these plastic injection machines, we have taken on the challenge of creating products that are both functional and environmentally friendly, strengthening our reputation as a forward-thinking company with a strong commitment to sustainability and industry excellence.

Professional laser cutting services
Professional spot welding services

2023 - We implement new welding technology

In 2023, we have undertaken a comprehensive initiative aimed at implementing and achieving compliance with the rigorous standards “Recognition of Welding Technology according to PN-EN ISO 15614:2008”. This complex process involved a thorough examination of our existing welding practices and then strategic change to align with the detailed requirements set out in the ISO standard.

In making this effort, we wanted to ensure that our welding operations not only meet but exceed industry standards for safety, quality and efficiency. The implementation process required extensive training for our welders, meticulous documentation and stringent quality control measures to verify the integrity and durability of our welds.

This venture has enabled us to better serve sectors with high expectations for safety and reliability, strengthening our status as a trusted partner in the manufacturing and engineering industries.