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Wort chiller with a 1/4 inch socket Inox

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Discover the best beer wort chiller for homebrewing. Keep your brew at the perfect temperature with our top-rated products.



Stainless steel wort chiller for beer with a 1/4 inch socket


Stainless steel wort chiller is a reliable and efficient solution in cooling your beer, wine or any other liquid. Made out of acid-resistant stainless steel, it is sturdy, long-lasting and suitable for contact with food products. It is designed for even and efficient cooling of the largest possible liquid volume within the tank. This chiller is the perfect solution for anyone looking to cool any liquid – whether you are a homebrewer or have your own business – this wort chiller will suit your needs.


Chill out with a beer wort chiller, the secret ingredient to a perfectly cooled brew. Made out of stainless steel for extra durability!


Features of chiller:

– Made of acid-resistant stainless steel suitable for contact with food products

– Durable and long-lasting

– Universal chiller for various liquids and tanks

– Quick and efficient cooling of liquids


Benefits of chiller:

– Provides an efficient and reliable solution to cooling liquids

– High-quality stainless steel that lasts for years to come

– Efficient wort chiller that cools 45 liters of water from 100°C to 18°C in 30 minutes

– Suitable for many different types of containers

– 1/4 inch socket included


Stainless steel wort chiller with a 1/4 inch socket – application

Stainless steel wort chiller is a universal beer cooler system, designed and manufactured by Marxam Project. It is possible to use it in small tanks, in domestic processing conditions.

It is a universal cooler. This means that it works great as a cooler for beer, wine and other liquids.

The spiral coiling coils allow the cooling process to cover the largest possible volume, and the appropriately selected diameter of the construction tube ensures the right ratio of efficiency to the amount of coolant used.

The cooling rate that is possible to achieve with the use of mains water supply is cooling 45 liters from 100°C to 18°C in 30 minutes.

The material from which the wort chiller is made – acid-resistant stainless steel – allows it to be used in food products and the appropriate ends, allowing for direct installation of hoses or attaching taps regulating the flow of cooling liquid.


Stainless steel wort chiller with a 1/4 inch socket – specification


24,0 cm 9,4 inches

Total height

50,0 cm 19,7 inches

Coil height

25,0 cm 9,8 inches

Coil length

12,0 mb


0,6 cm 0,25 inch


2,9 kg 6,4 lbs


Stainless steel wort chiller with a 1/4 socket – cooperation

A custom-made stainless steel wort chiller is no problem for us. As a company that professionally produces metal products and constructs, we have configured our own solutions for production. We are, however, open and willing to accommodate any demand by our clients.


Production of metal elements – stainless steel wort chillers and more

As a production company, Marxam offers many different metal elements made to order. If you have any individual requests regarding metal products, do not hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address: konstruktor@marxam-project.pl.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 60 cm