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Wine barrel stirrer L=100cm

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Looking for a high-quality wine barrel stirrer? Our 100 cm barrel stirrer is the perfect tool for mixing and aerating your wine. Get yours today!


Wine barrel stirrer 100 cm


Wine Barrel Stirrer is a must-have tool for wine enthusiasts and professionals alike. Made of high-quality, acid-resistant stainless steel, this stirrer is safe for contact with food and will not alter the taste or quality of your wine. With a length of 100 cm, it is perfect for stirring wine in large barrels or tanks. Whether you are a winemaker or simply enjoy making your own wine at home, this stirrer is a reliable and durable tool that will help you achieve the perfect blend every time.


Steel wine barrel stirrer - a reliable tool for agitating wine in tanks, promoting fermentation and improving its overall quality.


Features of the stirrer:

– Made of acid-resistant stainless steel

– Suitable for contact with food

– 100 cm length for stirring wine in large barrels or tanks


Benefits of the stirrer:

– Ensures thorough mixing and blending of wine

– Durable and long-lasting

– Easy to clean and maintain


Wine barrel stirrer – application

Wine barrel stirrer with the length of 100 cm, for balloons/barrels with the minimum opening diameter of 35 mm.

The system of folding paddles allows for easy mixing and degassing of wine.


Mash paddle made of acid-resistant stainless steel, suitable for contact with food.


– in the idle state, insert the stainless steel stirrer into the wine balloon;

– due to the rotational movement, the blades are spread apart and the brewers paddle is placed in the correct working position;

– simple ending allows the stir paddle to be mounted in the simplest and most accessible rotary devices – hand drills.


The wine stirrer was completely designed and manufactured in Poland, and its universal design allows it to be used not only in winemaking, but also in beer production and in many other processes that require a system of quick and accurate mixing of liquids.



Wine stirring paddle – specification

Length of the handle

100,0 cm39,4 inches

Length of the whole product

110,0 cm43,3 inches

Handle diameter

8,0 mm0,3 inch

Minimum diameter of the barrel/balloon opening

35,0 mm1,4 inches


Production of metal elements – wine barrel stirrers and more

As a production company, Marxam offers many different metal elements made to order. If you have any individual requests regarding metal products, do not hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address: konstruktor@marxam-project.pl.

Additional information

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