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Stainless steel hop filter with screw connection

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Stainless steel hop filter with screw connection


A special filter designed to separate hops and hot sediments after boiling the wort. Entirely made of stainless steel. A mesh with a mesh diameter of 400 μm allows for accurate filtering of the wort. It will also work well in a mash tun as an alternative to a braided or false bottom filter.

This version of the hop filter has a profiled tube with an outer diameter of 10 mm with a screw connection enabling the equipment to be screwed to a 3/4 inch thread. It can be a standard tap for fermenters or a nipple in a brewing vat.


Diameter of the main part of the hop stopper – 21 cm

The length of the net at its widest point – 26 cm

Length including tube and screw connection – 32 cm

Pipe diameter – 4 cm

All elements are made of stainless steel (certified for food contact), which facilitates cleaning and disinfection of the equipment.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm