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Stainless steel hop blocker with tube

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Discover the ultimate stainless steel hop blocker with tube for your brewing. We offer high-quality hop stoppers to enhance your brewing process. Shop now!



Stainless steel hop blocker with tube


A special filter designed to separate hops and hot sediments after boiling the wort. Entirely made of stainless steel. A mesh with a mesh diameter of 400 μm allows for accurate filtering of the wort and at the same time reduces losses when transferring the wort to the fermenter container.

It can also be successfully used to filter out hops after dry hopping.

This version of the hop blocker has a profiled tube with an external diameter of 10 mm enabling use without the need to have a nipple in the brewing vat. Simply attach a needle or silicone hose to the end of the tube and insert the hop stopper into the pot with the wort a few minutes before the end of cooking or after the wort has cooled.

The diameter of the main part of the hop blocker is 21 cm. At its widest point, the net is 26 cm.

All elements are made of stainless steel (certified for food contact), which facilitates cleaning and disinfection of the equipment.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm