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Soil sample container 105x75x50 mm

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Explore our durable and reliable soil sample container designed for soil sample collection. Find the perfect solution for your soil testing needs today.

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Soil sample container 105x75x50 mm


The soil sample container is a sturdy and reliable cardboard box designed specifically for transporting samples to the laboratory for testing. With dimensions of 105x75x50 mm, it provides ample space to hold a sufficient amount of soil for analysis. The material used in the construction of the box ensures that the soil sample remains intact and uncontaminated during transportation, allowing for accurate and reliable test results. Whether you are a professional soil scientist or a homeowner looking to test the quality of your garden soil, this container is an essential tool for obtaining accurate and reliable soil analysis.


An essential tool for soil analysis, this soil sample container securely holds soil samples for further examination and testing.


Soil sample container – application

Cardboard box for soil samples. The material from which the soil packaging is made, allows the soil sample to be properly transported for testing in the laboratory. The bottom of the box and the lid are sold in a version intended for self-assembly and sewing (staples preferably with dimensions of at least 24×6").

Soil sample boxes significantly facilitate the collection of soil samples for testing, and their design enhances transport safety.


Internal dimensions: 105x75x50 mm.

Material: solid cardboard 450 g.


Soil containers – cooperation

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At the customer's special request, we can make boxes in any size and with any print.

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