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Aluminum can lids silver + silver tab 650pcs

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Protect your beer from going flat with aluminum can lids. Find the perfect lid to keep your brews tasting fresh and delicious.



Aluminum can lids


SOT 202 CDL easy-open aluminum can lids designed for closing aluminum beverage cans. The lid is covered from the inside with a special varnish adapted to contact with food products and alcohol. This coating protects against the impact of the packaging on the taste or smell of the product.

A close-up photo of a round, silver aluminum can lid with a pull-tab.

Aluminium can and aluminum can lids designed for storing beer

Today, aluminum packaging is a solution available not only for craft brewers but also for home brewers. Proper storage of beer is key to maintaining its highest quality. Beer in the can does not come into contact with aluminum thanks to a special internal coating that prevents corrosion and the formation of a metallic aftertaste.

Metal cans provide a complete barrier against light and oxygen, which can affect the taste and freshness of the product.

Can lids – accessories

Aluminum can lids are sold in full sleeves of 650 pieces.

We send the lids in original paper sleeves. In the case of full-pallet orders, the contents are protected by the manufacturer.

Canning machines are used for tight closing of cans, which close the cans in a two-stage manner and require the use of an appropriate closing head.

Please note that if you plan to close 330 ml cans with the Cannular device (manual version) you will need an additional can adapter.

Leak tightness testing at a craft brewery or at home requires checking its basic parameters and making corrections by adjusting and calibrating the closing device. Compact can closing machines enable efficient and tight canning of beer at home.

Technical parameters of the aluminum can lids:

Sheet thickness

0,208 mm


aluminum alloy

Internal varnish

PVC Free

Vent opening force

27 N max

Full opening power

36 N max

Internal pressure

620 kPa min

Sealing compound


Mix composition

High On Shoulder /HOS – see 2.1.13 specification

Business cooperation – lids and more

If you are interested in purchasing for a craft or regional brewery, please contact us at shop@marxam-project.com in order to prepare an individual offer containing information such as the price of an aluminum can, full product specification and the possibility of establishing permanent cooperation.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions5 × 10 × 5 cm