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A turner, as well as a miller or a grinder, is a person who deals with metalworking by machining. The main tasks of a turner are to make threads, cut elements, ream holes, boring, reaming and drilling. On his machines, he mainly performs turning of cylindrical, conical, face and shaped surfaces.

As in any profession related to machining, patience, precision and good eyesight are also required for a turner.

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Sheet metal stamping

Entrust your sheet metal stamping to Marxam Project and experience excellence in metalworking. We offer the highest quality of services with precision and efficiency. Our advanced technology and skilled technologists with long years of experience ensure that every component is meticulously stamped according to the client’s wishes. Whether you need small, unique parts or large-scale production, Marxam Project has all the necessary tools and expertise to deliver tailor-suited products that will exceed your expectations. 

Professional sheet metal stamping at Marxam Project

Discover professional sheet metal stamping at Marxam Project and experience efficiency and accuracy in every process. Our advanced technology and skilled, experienced team make sure that every component meets the highest quality standards, while being tailor suited to your specific requirements. Whether you’re in the automotive, aviation, construction or any other industry, trust us to take your manufacturing to the next level. Contact us today and experience what working with true professionals feels like.


Sheet metal stamping at the highest level at Marxam Project.

Why choose Marxam Project?

Marxam Project is a company with long years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. Trusting us with your sheet metal stamping, means trusting our quality standards and commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Advanced Technology – At Marxam Project, we utilize advanced stamping technology to ensure precise and high-quality results. Our equipment allows us to handle complex designs and high-volume production.
  • Expertise and Experience – Our team of skilled technologists has years of experience and a deep understanding of the stamping process. We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and deliver tailored solutions.
  • Quality and Precision – Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our rigorous quality control measures ensure that each stamped component meets the highest standards of accuracy and durability.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions – We understand the importance of cost-efficiency in manufacturing. Our streamlined processes and innovative techniques enable us to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. This means you get the best value for your investment.
  • Versatility – Whether you need small, intricate parts or larger, durable components, Marxam Project has the capability to handle a wide range of stamping projects. Our versatile approach means we can adapt to many different industries and applications, delivering customized solutions.
Professional metal sheet stamping at Marxam Project.

Contact us today

By choosing Marxam project for sheet metal stamping, you’re choosing a partner with long lasting experience and commitment to customer satisfaction. What sets us apart is our rigorous quality standards.

Contact us today to learn more about our stamping services and how we can help you achieve your production goals with precision and efficiency.

Sheet metal stamping - what is it?

Sheet metal stamping is a manufacturing process that involves transforming flat metal sheets into various shapes and intricate components through the use of specialized dies and high-pressure stamping presses. At Marxam Project, we use this technique for producing a wide range of products, from automotive parts to electronic enclosures. By applying consistent pressure and utilizing custom-designed dies, sheet metal stamping achieves high accuracy and repeatability, making it ideal for both small and large-scale production. This process not only enhances material utilization but also ensures the strength and durability of the final products, meeting the standards of diverse industries.

Industrial metal stamping on presses by professionals.

Principles of sheet metal stamping

To ensure highest quality of sheet metal stamping, technologists at Marxam Project are aware of various principles that govern this process. This knowledge, combined with their expertise makes sure that every component is produced with excellent results.

  • Material Selection - The choice material is crucial in stamping as it directly impacts the final product's properties and performance. Factors such as material strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness are carefully considered. For example, stainless steel might be chosen for its corrosion resistance in outdoor applications, while aluminum is selected for its lightweight properties in aviation components.
  • Die Design - Custom die design is a critical aspect of sheet metal stamping that ensures the accurate replication of the desired part geometry. CAD/CAM software is often employed to create intricate die designs with precision. The design process takes into account factors such as material flow, springback, and tooling feasibility to achieve optimal results.
  • Press Operation - Press operation involves the use of high-pressure stamping presses to shape the metal sheet into the desired form. The press applies force to the metal sheet, forcing it into the die cavity, where it takes on the shape of the die. Presses come in various sizes to accommodate different part sizes and materials.
  • Cutting and Forming - Cutting and forming operations are integral to the sheet metal stamping process and are used to achieve the detailed features and geometry of the part. Cutting operations such as shearing or blanking are employed to separate the stamped part from the surrounding material. Forming operations such as bending, drawing, and embossing shape the metal sheet into the desired contours and dimensions.
  • Quality Control - Quality control measures are implemented throughout the sheet metal stamping process to ensure each stamped part meets exact specifications and maintains high standards of quality. This includes rigorous inspection and testing procedures at various stages of production, from material inspection to final part inspection. Dimensional checks, visual inspections, and mechanical testing are commonly employed to verify part quality and consistency.
  • Efficiency and Repeatability - Efficiency and repeatability are paramount in sheet metal stamping, especially for high-volume production runs. The process is optimized for efficiency through the use of automated equipment, optimized tooling, and streamlined workflows. This ensures rapid turnaround times and consistent part quality across all units. Additionally, process parameters are carefully monitored and controlled to maintain repeatability and uniformity in part production.

The highest quality cold sheet metal stamping by Marxam Project professionals.

Application of sheet metal stamping

Sheet metal stamping is a versatile process that can be used in many different industries and application. At Marxam Project, we pride ourselves on our ability to customize it to the requirements of the client.

  • Automotive - We produce essential components such as body panels, engine parts, and chassis elements with high precision and durability.
  • Aviation - Used in crafting of lightweight and strong parts like brackets, frames, and wing sections that meet strict safety and performance standards.
  • Electronics - Creating intricate enclosures, connectors, and heat sinks for various electronic devices, ensuring precise fit and function.
  • Consumer Goods - Manufacturing parts for appliances, furniture, and tools, offering both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.
  • Construction - Fabricating structural elements, roofing, and HVAC components that require robustness and reliability.
  • Medical Devices - Producing precise and sterile components for medical equipment, ensuring high-quality and reliable performance.
  • Renewable Energy - Developing parts for solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy systems, contributing to sustainable technology solutions.

Stamping of metal at attractive prices at Marxam Project.

Benefits of sheet metal stamping

Sheet metal stamping is a popular choice among the partners of Marxam Project. It offers many benefits that justifies its frequent use. See how it can help you:

  • High Precision - The use of precision dies in stamping ensures consistent dimensions and tight tolerances, meeting strict quality requirements.
  • Versatility - Sheet metal stamping offers versatility in producing a wide range of shapes, sizes, and complexities. From simple brackets to intricate automotive components or electronic enclosures, the process can accommodate various design requirements.
  • Strength and Durability - Stamped parts exhibit exceptional structural integrity and mechanical properties. The deformation and hardening that occur during the stamping process enhance the material's strength, resulting in durable components.
  • High Volume Production - With automated press operations and optimized production workflows, sheet metal stamping enables rapid manufacturing of large quantities of components. This scalability makes it ideal for high-volume production runs, ensuring consistent quality and timely delivery.
  • Efficiency and Speed - Sheet metal stamping boasts high production speeds, thanks to automated equipment and optimized processes. The ability to quickly convert raw material into finished components reduces lead times and enhances overall manufacturing efficiency.
  • Enhanced Design Flexibility - Sheet metal stamping allows for intricate part designs and the integration of multiple features into a single component. By incorporating features such as embossing, coining, or forming complex shapes, manufacturers can reduce assembly requirements and overall part count.

Steel stamping, metals, copper and other materials at Marxam Project.

Factors influencing sheet metal stamping

At Marxam Project, we believe that only through a combination of extensive and modern knowledge with practical experience can you achieve the highest quality of sheet metal stamping. For this reason, we constantly evolve our services and train our employees about many different factors influencing the process.

  • Material Properties - The type and thickness of the metal sheet significantly impact the stamping process, including its formability, ductility, and strength.
  • Die Design - The design and quality of the stamping dies play a crucial role in determining the precision of shaping the metal into desired components.
  • Press Capacity - The capabilities of the stamping press, including its tonnage, speed, and stroke length, dictate the size and complexity of parts that can be produced.
  • Surface Finish Requirements - The desired surface finish of the stamped part influences the selection of stamping techniques and secondary finishing processes. At Marxam Project we offer finishing, such as sandblasting, galvanizing, anodising and many more.
  • Tolerance and Dimensional Accuracy - The required tolerances and dimensional specifications of the final part influence the choice of stamping parameters and quality control measures.
  • Production Volume - The volume of parts needed determines whether the stamping process will be optimized for high-volume production or tailored for smaller batch sizes.
  • Complexity of Part Geometry - The complexity of the part's geometry, including features such as bends, holes, and embossing, influences the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of stamping.

Frequently asked questions

We work with a variety of metals, including structural and stainless steel, aluminum and copper, among others, to accommodate diverse customer needs.

Turnaround times vary depending on factors such as project complexity, volume, and current production schedules. However, we strive to meet our customers’ deadlines and provide estimated times upon project consultation.

Yes, we have the capability to accommodate projects of various scales, from prototypes and small batches to large-volume production runs. Our flexible manufacturing processes allow us to efficiently adapt to different project sizes and requirements.

Quality control is paramount at Marxam Project. We implement rigorous inspection procedures at each stage of the stamping process, including material inspection, in-process checks, and final inspection.

Absolutely. Our experienced engineering team collaborates closely with customers to optimize component designs.

We serve a diverse range of industries, including automotive, aviation, electronics, consumer goods, construction, renewable energy, and more.

To request a quote or discuss your sheet metal stamping project with us, simply reach out to our team via phone, email, or fill out the contact form available on the bottom of every page.